The Alliance for Health Security Cooperation brings together stakeholders and experts in global health security to work on themed workstreams, as outlined in our workplan.

A multi-stakeholder Advisory Group supports the Alliance. The Advisory Group has 20 representatives of constituencies drawn from the Members of the Alliance: 12 countries, two from each region; four non-governmental organizations and foundations; and four multilateral organizations as permanent members (FAO, OIE, WHO, World Bank). Finland and Australia currently serve as co-chairs.

Work plan
The rolling Alliance workplan describes priorities and working arrangements for the Alliance from November 2018. The work plan is a living document. It is specific about priorities for approximately twelve months ahead but will be reviewed and updated biannually, or as necessary.

Current work themes are:

> Health Workforce

> Financing

> Research and Development

> One Health

The  Alliance meets 2-3 times a year. The meetings are open to all actors interested in health security capacity building.
The Advisory Group meets 3-4 times a year. The face-to-face meetings of the Advisory Group are open to all Alliance members and other interested actors