The International Federation of Biosafety Associations is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to strengthening biosafety and biosecurity worldwide.

“We are excited to join the JEE Alliance and recognize the need for collective action in building global health security. No individual sector can make as big a difference alone as we can make by working together”.

“In collaboration with our 39 Member regional and national Biosafety Associations worldwide, the IFBA is engaged in ongoing efforts to implement the GHSA goals under Biosafety and Biosecurity Action Package 3 and the IHR biosafety capacity requirements. Support is provided for developing national biosafety and biosecurity strategies and guidelines, advancing biorisk management practices & procedures, and the certification of competency in biosafety professionals in a variety of technical disciplines related to the safe and secure handling of infectious disease agents. Ensuring that individuals who handle biological materials have demonstrated competencies is an essential component of the overall effort to reduce biosafety and biosecurity risks”.

Maureen Ellis, Executive Director

The JEE Alliance welcomes the IFBA that will strenghten the multiactor, multisectoral knowledge and expertise in the group.