In March 2017, the International Organization for Migration joined the JEE Alliance. As the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration, IOM brings an important aspect to the collaborative efforts of the Alliance in improving health security across sectors, borders, and living environments.

“IOM is pleased to join the JEE Alliance and stands committed to support global efforts to build our collective capacity to better prevent, detect and respond to disease outbreaks and other health threats. IOM emphasizes the importance of addressing the complexity of migration and population movement in the implementation of the IHR, and therefore the realization of the GHSA. Migration and population movement within countries and across borders represent critical drivers of risks of epidemics that need to be better understood and managed. International border borders need not be seen only as Points of Entry, but more systematically, as a space containing communities and systems, all of which need to be capacitated to prevent, detect and respond to health threats. IOM stands ready to support governments and partners in addressing the challenges of health security, migration and population movement”.

Migration Health Division, IOM