A number of health security related meetings and events will take place from May to December 2017. A calendar of meetings will be updated on the Meetings page.

18 May: B20 Health Conference, Berlin
19 – 20 May: G20 Health Minister’s meeting, Berlin
20 May: JEE Alliance meeting, Geneva
21 May: GHSA Steering Group meeting, Geneva
22 – 31 May: World Health Assembly (WHA), Geneva
22 May: Side events in the margins of the WHA:
The International Health Regulations and the Global Health Security Agenda
Getting Down to Business on Global Health Security
Enabling Global Health Security through Health Systems Strengthening, perspectives from women leaders
25 May: World Bank side event on financing pandemic preparedness, Geneva
3 – 8 July (tbc): JEE Alliance One Health side event during the FAO Conference, Rome
26 – 28 July: WHO Building Health Security meeting, Seoul (tbc)
26 – 28 July: GHSA Steering Group meeting, Seoul (tbc)
26 – 28 July: (tbc) Alliance Advisory Group meeting, Seoul (tbc)
September – October: WHO Regional Committee meetings
October (tbc): Strengthening Health and Security Cooperation meeting, Jakarta
13 – 15 October:  IMF – World Bank annual meeting, Washington
25 – 27 October: GHSA Ministerial meeting, Kampala
25 – 27 October: GHSA Steering Group meeting, Kampala
25 – 27 October: JEE Alliance meeting and JEE Alliance side event (tbc), Kampala
25 – 27 October: Alliance Advisory Group meeting, Kampala
November – December (tbc): GHSA Steering Group meeting, Thailand / Indonesia (tbc)

Central market, Maputo. Photo: Hanna Öunap

Should you wish to include additional meetings on the list, kindly contact the Finnish chairmanship.