The implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005) Monitoring and Evaluation Framework will draw on WHO’s convening role to facilitate strategic cooperation and generate collaborative dynamics between and within countries; as such the WHO’s Strategic Partnership for Health Security and IHR (SPH) will play a catalytic role in promoting/ensuring coordination and harmonization among countries, partners and donors in the implementation of National Action Plans for Health Security (NAPHS).

The WHO Strategic Partnership for IHR and Health Security (SPH) was established in 2015 to serve as a common platform among donors, partners and Member States for the building of a collective, coherent and synergistic approach to strengthening health security and accelerating IHR implementation. SPH has so far monitored and tracked more than 1800 partner and donor health security investments in 192 countries, making the data available on the SPH Portal. The online portal has more than 2500 stakeholders and is regularly accessed by 180 countries, facilitating multisectoral partnerships, the mobilization of financial and technical resources, and the identification of national priorities, gaps and needs.

SPH also supports countries in resource mapping to advance implementation of National Action Plans for Health Security (NAPHS). The process includes mapping the health security projects that partners and donors are supporting at national and sub-national levels, allowing policymakers to see where gaps exist and where more investment of financial and technical resources is needed. SPH engages in multisectoral partnership coordination as well and is finalizing a National Collaboration Framework to assist Member States in developing collaboration between the civilian and military health sectors to build preparedness for health emergencies.

SPH is also currently developing the Global Strategic Preparedness Networks (GSPN), a platform for coordinating technical assistance provided to countries by stakeholder institutions, networks and public health organizations in support of the implementation of national health security plans.

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