An external evaluation is an opportunity for countries to identify strengths and shortcomings in their existing health security capacities. By undergoing a Joint External Evaluation, countries commit to developing a country plan for the improvement of health security capacity and acceleration of IHR implementation. Similarly, outcomes of other external assessments should be included in the long-term strategic planning at country level.

Country ownership, support from the highest level of government, and involvement of all relevant sectors are central in ensuring sustainable domestic resourcing for capacity building, as well as in seeking partnerships to enhance financial and other resourcing.

Country planning workshops have been held in several post-JEE countries. As of 24 May 2019, national planning has been completed in 58 countries, with 14 countries in pipeline in 2018. See WHO Strategic Partnership Portal (SPP) for more information on Country Planning for Health Security.

A number of countries have developed roadmaps under the GHSA. Georgia has developed a roadmap for ongoing and planned GHSA activities in support of the GHSA targets and International Health Regulations 2005 (IHR 2005) through 2019.


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