The JEE Alliance will meet on 20 May 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting will bring together countries, international organizations and non-governmental actors that are members of the multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder network. It is also open for other actors interested in collaboration for global health security.

The agenda of the meeting includes information about Australia’s role in sharing the chairmanship of the JEE Alliance Advisory Group and discussion on the work of the JEE Alliance subgroups; update on the WHO-led external evaluations and country planning processes, as well as evidence-based capacity building for health security; discussion on financing pandemic preparedness at global, regional and national levels; and on different stakeholders’ potential contribution in analyzing the JEEs and the post JEE work.

There are currently 59 members in the JEE Alliance. It is open to all countries, international organizations, non-governmental actors and other stakeholders involved in global health security.

The 20 May meeting will be chaired by Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland, Dr Päivi Sillanaukee.